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City Planning

Mapping,  City Planning and Urban Design 

For people who need help with either city planning or urban design, there aren’t a ton of well-known outlets. There’s no urban design building that you can stop in to learn more about how to do it. The fact is that this is a really tough endeavor and it takes a well-trained team behind you to do it right. At RomoGIS we aren’t afraid to take on a challenge because we have been around long enough to know all the tricks of the trade.

We work alongside non-profits and neighborhood associations in order to perform planning charrettes. We also help by drafting the master plan documents to make sure everything is accounted for and thought through. Again, this is not an easy thing to do which is why you need to make sure you’re picking the best in the industry to help. We at RomoGIS pride ourselves in our ability to help with the most challenging projects.

We have trained all types of professionals using a variety of products. Some of which are open-source GIS software, some web mapping, and desktop GIS applications. At the end of the day, we empower the ability for different companies to perform successful urban design and city planning.

Most of these projects are high-visibility and a lot is at stake. Pick RomoGIS to make sure you get well qualified, highly trained, professional GIS experts. Contact us today and put us to the test, we’d love to help you out.

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