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  Companies for Social Justice Research

There’s a lot of reasons to want social justice, especially after tragedies such as the death of George Floyd. RomoGIS has helped in this effort by providing research and an interactive map for the cause.

RomoGIS is not an exclusively social justice research company, but we felt it was our duty to provide this service. We are a company that will provide a number of different interactive maps by using the newest in GIS technology and geospatial intelligence. We are a for-hire consulting team that will work with you to teach you and develop maps such as our BLM map.

Our interactive BLM map shows each protest location as a single point on the map. This shows the user how widespread the Black Lives Matter movement has become and helps users to understand the breadth of these actions.

We have one of the most comprehensive maps of the movement and we outline the nationwide outrage following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the countless others that go unknown. As black men and women continued to die at the hands of police, we will continue to track the atrocities until we achieve social justice.

This research is just one way we decide to give back to the community at RomoGIS. You can read more about the protests and view our free interactive map by visiting our website. We understand that technology has made the world a better place, and our expert team has decided to help track the movement and use technology for the better.

This map and many others are available on our site. You can use the map to get the newest BLM protests news and get more information about certain protests and how you can help the movement.

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